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 Flags                                                                                              Streamers
Why Flags?
Flag Ministry or Flag Worship is the union of flags, music, and the Word of God that allows one to enter into the awesome presence of God. 
This worship art form brings a memorable experience of worshiping our Lord under His anointing. 
There are many flags of praise, worship, warfare,  prophetic, celebration and dedication  and many more. Please note, one can stand still and worship with flags!
In scripture, we learn, flag, banners & etc. can become powerful weapons in the spiritual realm when we worship. "Expressions Of Worship" products are used in Praise and Worship to first minister to Our King and Lord and then to the body of Christ!
There are two reasons or purposes for Flag Worship: 
(1) to exalt the name of the Lord and give Him all the praise and the glory, and honor
(2) to destroy the works of the enemy.  
Waving flags and streamers under the anointing of God as the Holy Spirit ministers to our hearts, minds, and spirits, which leads us into an unforgettable time of worship with the Lord. 
God has a message for us and through Flag Worship is one way He can deliver it.
My passion for silk, the soft feel, the light weight, the movement of the silk during the use in worship, is so graceful and almost effortless, but can be prophetic and powerful to your movement in worship, dance and / or drama.  
The colors of the flags are important as you select them for ministry. The meaning and references are many as the Holy Spirit ministers to each person individually. God loves color! Colors have great significance spiritually as they do in the natural realm.  Additionally, combinations of colors may also have different meanings. When choosing a color of a flag or streamer, we feel it is important for the dancer to keep in mind the symbolic meaning behind each color and choose according to what his or her spirit is feeling. If you think about the individual color breakouts that it takes to make a color, the symbolization is awesome!
Each silk piece is hand dyed, therefore unique, no two are exactly alike, keep this in mind when ordering. the color and design will not be identical to what you see on the site, but will be very similar.  Measurements are approximate. Designs are copyright.
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